Winning at time management

I used to think I was good at managing my time but that was BT (Before Twitter). Now I can spend hours looking at pictures of cute dogs and watching make-up tutorials reading insightful tweets from my peers and browsing the latest industry news.

In fairness, the web does offer a wealth of tools that can save you bundles of time. Here are a few of my must-haves:


When you find something you want to read later, put it in your pocket. lets you to stash articles, videos and pictures away for a more convenient time. The best bit is that, on your phone at least, you can read the content even when you’re offline. So next time your train is delayed (and let’s face it, that’s every day) you can catch up on your reading list.


I’m still surprised by how few people know how can help them keep on top of Facebook and Twitter. I don’t advise people schedule all of their tweets and posts – social media is about conversation rather than broadcasting information – but there are times when it can be useful. The analytics are helpful too.


or Tweetdeck, depending on your preference. It’s easy to spot when you have been mentioned in a tweet, but you can spend forever searching for people who are talking about a topic you have an interest in. Save time by setting up keyword searches and monitoring multiple feeds from one page.


I have had this on my phone for months but have only just started using it to full effect recently. If you’re a ‘to do’ list person (and who isn’t) you will love this app. Add your tasks, set a time limit (or use the standard 30 minute timeslot) and hit the start button; the adult equivalent of your mum shouting at you to ‘get your homework done’.

If you use a timesaving website or app that can help us all win at time management, let me know about it.

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