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Fundraising: where to start?

Web calculator

On an almost daily basis, me and my colleagues are asked the same question: ‘we need to raise money but where do we start?’ In fact we’re asked this so often the three of us made it the topic of a seminar we gave at a recent fundraising conference. If this is the question that’s […]

Why I volunteer

CP Subway 2

It’s Volunteer’s Week and across the UK charities and community groups will mark the contribution made by the millions of people who give time to support their work. Around two years ago, when I was living in London, I was introduced to a community group that is working to get the Crystal Palace subway (formerly […]

Thanks seems to be the hardest word

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When did you last say thank you to a donor? How did you do it? You did say thank you, didn’t you? At this week’s Richer Lives: Why Rich People Give launch event at The Charterhouse, the reasons why wealthy people give (or choose not to give) to charity were discussed at length. The idea […]

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