Do you really need a press release?

There has been much talk amongst PR folk on Twitter lately about whether the press release is dead. For those who spend as much time online as in the real world it is sometimes hard to see a place for *gasps* actual paper.

But rather than concentrating on the form, perhaps we’re better off asking what we mean by a ‘press release’. The 24 hour news agenda has fuelled the need for fresh angles to a story like a high street coffee chain fuels the journos working on them. Such demand brings opportunities, particularly if you’re willing to get a bit creative.

Instead of spending hours crafting a traditional media release (don’t get me wrong, it’s worth spending time polishing your story but not to the extent that your new news becomes old news) charities are instead using videos, photography and infographics to great effect.

This Vine from Kids Company ( is one of my current favourite examples of how you don’t need pages of text to get your message across In just six seconds you understand the need and what you can do to help. If, having watched the clip, you choose to make a donation you receive a further Vine showing the same young child in greatly improved circumstances (as a result of your gift)

So next time you have something to tell your customers, clients or supporters, try to think in images as well as words. After all, a picture paints a thousand of them.

If you are need any help planning a PR campaign or want to talk about how video content or imagery could boost your profile, do get in touch.

Image: courtesy of bizior photography –

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