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Do you really need a press release?

Web newspaper small

There has been much talk amongst PR folk on Twitter lately about whether the press release is dead. For those who spend as much time online as in the real world it is sometimes hard to see a place for *gasps* actual paper. But rather than concentrating on the form, perhaps we’re better off asking […]

Don’t just sell, sell, sell

Business men

I recently joined a discussion with a group of small business owners who were talking about how they used social media. They all agreed it was a great way to promote their businesses and were debating how often to post updates, whether they should get other staff involved and so on. At this point one […]

What small businesses can learn from Murray mania

Prezzo promotion

Since Mr Murray made history at Wimbledon on Sunday, my inbox has been stuffed full of tennis-related promotions. Within minutes of his win, the first in a stream of mail landed on my virtual doormat. Restaurant chain Prezzo was first past the post (or should that be over the net?) offering a free glass of […]

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